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  1. JoJojar
    Reprise alternately shows punk energy, library hush and comic anxiety. And despite ominous portents, the ending is cockeyed optimistic. October 18, | Rating: 3/4 Duane Dudek. Milwaukee 88%.
  2. Kajigor
    SPOILERS FOR REPRISE II -- This is a piece of author-made fanart for my Reprise AU. MAJOR SPOILERS for the end of Reprise II. Technically this design is from the beginning of Reprise III, but I drew it a long time ago, and with the spoiler officially out, I figured I would post it. Series. Part 3 of Reprise; Language: English Words: 0 Chapters.
  3. Grozilkree
    'IACOT' reprise, kiss + Hartford ending version vs Broadway kiss + ending version. I will start by saying I like both for different reasons. BUT I think I do prefer the Hartford ending. In the Hartford ending it was more apparent that Dmitry thought she came back to the bridge to say goodbye. It makes my heart melt that bc he didn’t have the.
  4. Samuzragore
    The Reprise of the Spear Hero - Ending and What if Discussion spoiler So I recently finished the Spear Hero WN and was thinking it might be a good idea to make a post where people could ask questions about the end, or more specific stuff (like what if's).
  5. Tobei
    A Spoonful of Sugar (reprise) / A Shooting Star Mary Poppins: With every job when it's complete There is a sense of bitter-sweet That moment when you know the task is done Though in your heart you'd like to stay To help things on their way You've always known they must do it alone (spoken): There, practically perfect and I hope it remains so.
  6. Mezisho
    Life's like a movie, write your own ending Keep believing, keep pretending. We've done just what we set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you. Submit Corrections. "The Rainbow Connection (Reprise)" lyrics are provided for educational purposes only.
  7. Shakora
    Mar 01,  · Seventeen (Reprise) Lyrics: Listen up, folks / War is over / Brand new sheriff's come to town / We are done with acting evil / We will lay our weapons down / We're all damaged, we're all.
  8. Shakajas
    Aug 19,  · Reprise (The Sound of the End) Lyrics: I wanna feel love, I wanna feel love again / I guess you never really know yourself / Because I've never been the kind to ask for help / .

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